Bath & Body

Being a gourmet is about more than enjoying food – it’s about enjoying life completely. So why would we include everything except the kitchen sink at Jane’s? Here you can find products for both your kitchen and your bath to complete the room.


Stonewall Kitchen does more than sauces and spreads. Experience their fine home-keeping products – from rich lotions and soaps to fragrant cleaning supplies, Stonewall takes care of your home and hands with gentle, effective products.

Stonewall Kitchen Coastal Breeze

Just in time for summer, this bright, breezy scent from the Fine Homekeeping line is a perfect way to bring all the fun of a day at the beach into your home. All natural ingredients.


Stonewall Kitchen Lemon Parsley

An energizing, all natural formula with fresh lemon and a hint of parsley essential oils, this is a great scent to use anywhere in the house to create a clean, fresh atmosphere.


Stonewall Kitchen Grapefruit Thyme

Infused with essence of grapefruit and thyme, these products have a delightfully airy scent that can brighten up any room. Their vibrant color also makes them great to display!

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