Coffees & Teas


The handcrafted Ghyslain chocolates, unique, boutique-type wines and other gourmet goods at Jane’s assure that you will find something unique to take home or give as a gift every time you visit. Jane’s gourmet baskets can even be filled with the chocolates, cheeses or unique gift items you find in our store. Our newly rebuilt shop offers a changing inventory of boutique-style white wine, red wine and champagne all at a reasonable price for you. Stop in to find the perfect gourmet gift to treat yourself or someone special.


Being a gourmet is about more than enjoying food – it’s about enjoying life completely. So why would we include everything except the kitchen sink at Jane’s? Here you can find products for both your kitchen and your bath to complete the room.


Republic of Tea

Republic of Tea offers both full-leaf and bagged varieties of tea in efficient, eco-friendly packaging. Most of their teas are also Certified Gluten Free!


Seattle’s Best Coffee

Seattle’s Best Coffee uses only the finest Arabica beans, grown under equitable and sustainable practices. With this high-quality start they produce the smooth coffees that earned them their name.

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